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The Quiet Before the Art: SLip

February 15, 2018

The Quiet Before the Art: SLip

We recently interviewed Lyon-based visual artist SLip chatting about his past in the French band Apple Jelly, his passion for sports and how he developed his creativity.

When we discovered his work, we couldn't help but think about how he grew into visual art because of his experience with French band Apple Jelly, how music influences his way of dreaming and how he needs visual art to translate into something physical what he sees in his mind.

the quiet before art slip hipster

We had a lot of fun during this brief interview and we hope you will as well and don't forget to stream the playlist that SLip has curated for us.

1) Can you tell us who are you and what do you do?

I'm SLip an old French geek, making digital collage art on my computer.

I initially developed my art with friends in an electro-rock band (Apple Jelly) in the late 90s.

We started from scratch and we had to develop graphical stuff and, since I was one of the most skilled with computers, I tried to make what we needed.

The start was not great, but I worked a lot and I improved my skills day after day.

I was very involved in music with my friends and, even if I was not a musician, I did a lot of gigs on stage.

After some time, I was not able to follow them, so I just focused on graphics and visual art for the band as well as other bands and some festivals.

My other great passion, since I was young, is sports and especially football. At the beginning, it was very difficult to mix art and sport, but after ten years is much easier. For example, last year I make the artwork for a French football festival in Paris (La Lucarne) and I worked for a year with a football podcast called Passements de Jambe (P2J)

the quiet before art SLip faire grandir

2) Growing up in Lyon, how did you develop your creativity?

My creativity was not really influenced by my hometown.

I always work most of the time alone, in front of my computer, and I do not make a lot of local exhibitions or public relations.

Surprisingly, I work more easily with people around the world than with people in Lyon, for example, just last year, I worked with Brooklyn based brand, Australian media, and Parisian friends. Also a Brazilian TV team came to my place for an interview…

So, my creativity is more linked and influenced by the Internet than my hometown.

the quiet before art SLip nuclear

3) What does music mean to you?

Music was an important part of my life, from the late 90s to the mid-2000's. As I was a part of the band Apple Jelly, I was always thinking of the project. And when I was not thinking about the development, we were on rehearsal 😄

Music gave me mental pictures that I always tried to translate into images for my artworks, but the most important contribution of music in my life was probably feeling part of a project.

When I was in that band, music was important, but even more important was building something with my best friends, dreaming day and night about the concept and feeling involved in a shared project.

Now, I keep listening to music but I do not get the same excitement for finding new bands. It's harder for me to find something meaningful in that always growing mass of new bands, especially because I'm more attracted by LPs that tell stories, rather than bands that only make singles.

the quiet before art SLip Peur Avenir

4) What are your plans for the future?

This year, the main event would be an exhibition mixing football and art with my friends of P2J.

It will be at first an online exhibition, and we're working to make a real one in France for the World Cup 2018. Meanwhile, I will keep working every day on my personal stuff like my Instagram. I'll probably be involved in a musical project with my old friend BEnn and I'll try to develop short animations with music glitch with my oldest son.

I'm always open for new projects, so who knows what people will contact me for in 2018!

the quiet before art SLip cyclisme

If you want to get in touch with SLip, find out more about his work or simply drop a Like to his art, here his contacts information:

Website: iamslip.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamslip/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iamslip/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/iamSLip

the quiet before art SLip drug party

the quiet before art SLip baiser

the quiet before art arcade

All photo credits: SLip
ll rights belong to their respective owners


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