The Quiet Before Photography: Chill

July 02, 2016

the quiet before chill photography

Here we are again to promote a great photographer whose incredible work has impressed us since the first time we discovered his Flickr page.

The Quiet Before Photograpy Chill

Can you tell us, in a few words, who you are and what you do?

Hi ! My name is Chill and I'm a 28-year-old indie French photographer. I’m into glamour and erotic photography. My work is a combination of everyday moments and natural beauty of women in their intimate environment. I like and want to take photos of real moments.

What lead you to photography? 

I think that I was lead to photography by curiosity. I discovered it, tried it and instantly wanted to improve and learn more about it.
From that day (almost 9 years ago) I just started to take pictures of anything interesting I found around me, I learned to appreciate the freedom and the endless creation process that photography brings to me.
Photography is fulfilling and, to a certain degree, keeps me far away from the harsh world we're living in...

The Quiet Before Photograpy Chill

Is your work reflecting your personal style?

The core of my photography is directly linked and "empowered" by my personal taste and mood. I do appreciate fashion, but without really following it: trends are ephemeral and cyclical, I try to keep a certain distance from them. I'm more interested in looking at beauty and aestheticism in timeless and simple scene.

The Quiet Before Photograpy Chill

Is music important for you? Does it influence your work?

Music is really important for me and I always need the energy coming from it. Music always puts me in a good mood which is, I guess, one of the key elements of creativity.
As a matter of fact, (good) music can also help to create the right atmosphere during my photo shoots.

(We then asked Chill to suggest 5 tracks to listen to while looking at his portfolio, you can listen to them using the Spotify play button below)


Are you a traveler?

I’m not a traveler, or rather, until now, I never really took the time to travel.

I grew up in a small village on the Eastern part of France and moved to Strasbourg, but my passion for photography and my artistic production have not been influenced by the placed where I lived.

The people I met, though, they really are part of my style and photography... The connection I share with the subject of my photography is the key element of my work. We talk, we share ideas and artistic vision and, in a way, we get intimate. That's what you see in my photographs.
The Quiet Before Photograpy Chill

The Quiet Before Photograpy Chill

The Quiet Before Photograpy Chill

All photo credits: Chill

You can visit Chill's official website and social media here:



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