How to choose the right frame for your face

November 12, 2014

Sunglasses Glasses Fitting Guide The Quiet Before

We all know how important is to wear a frame that’s in line with our personal style and the latest trends, but what most of us isn’t considering is how face type affect the final look of a frame.

Knowing what frame shape suits your face type is very important to make the right decision when buying a pair of glasses or sunglasses, so we’ve created this small guide to help you find the best frame for you.

Squared faces’ main feature is proportional width and length, with well-defined straight lines that create angles in the forehead, cheeks and jawline.

The best choice for squared faces are rounder and softer frames that counter balance the angular features of squared faces. Our suggestions are: Children of the Moon, Riverbank, Rick, 10K Times

Round faces are defined by circular shapes and lack of angles as well as the fact that width and length are almost the same.

People with round faces should wear angular frames to balance and better define their look or wide aviator styles.

Our suggestion for rounder faces are: Ring of Fire, Sick Boy, Disco Dancer, Handsome David, Bold as Love, Fall Down, V2-S

The distinguishing features of oval faces are very balanced proportions and a chin a bit narrower that the forehead.

Oval faces look great with all kind of eyewear, so feel free to pick any of our Sunglasses or Glasses that match your personal style.

Heart-shaped faces feature broad forehead and cheeks and narrower jawline and chin.

People with heart-shaped faces should try to wear frames that highlight the bottom part of their faces creating an illusion of wider jaw line.

We suggest to consider these styles: Take it Back, 10K times, Fall Down, Bold as LoveRiverbank and Ring of Fire




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